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7 Essential Practices of Judaism

This year Rabbi Elliott will be teaching a course called "7 Essential Jewish Practices". These are the core Jewish practices that he believes to be the most valuable for living life of connected purpose with a full awareness of its many blessings. They are all practices that can be embraced on multiple, traditional, creative and ever-deepening levels.

Click here to read Rabbi Elliott's article about the 7 Essential Jewish Practices and learn more.

There are 3 different options to participate:

1.Intensive 7 Session Study Group. This will be a closed group and will include weekly study and work with a hevrutah - study partner.  Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM once a month. Sign up required. Schedule here.

2.Bet Midrash Saturday mornings with Rabbi Elliott the 2nd Shabbat of the month with the exception of February (1st of month). Schedule here

3.Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Elliott on Wednesday afternoons during the day. Schedule here.


Wed, February 19 2020 24 Sh'vat 5780