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Kaplan Minyan

The Bnai Keshet Kaplan Minyan is named for Reconstructionist Judaism founder Mordecai Kaplan, who sought to create a Jewish framework for discussions of ethics, culture, history, and current events. They are designed for people who enjoy a communal Shabbat and want to enrich their understanding of Jewish peoplehood in an alternative, less traditional setting.

Upcoming Sessions

Password: KAPLAN

2021-22 Sessions

November 6: Ari Finkelstein - Separating Christians from Jews in Late Antique Syria: the Christianization of the Roman Empire in the 380s and its Impact on Jews and Judiasm

Ari Finkelstein is an Associate Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati and holds a PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization from Harvard University. He is a historian of Jewish-Christian-pagan relations in Syria of Late Antiquity but also has published on Second Temple Judaism. His main research focuses on the use and function of Jews and Judaism in the works of Christians anad pagans in Late Antiquity. In 2018, Dr. Finkelstein published Specter of the Jews: Emperor Julian and the Jews and the Rhetoric of Ethnicity in 4th Century Antioch in which he argued that Emporor Julian attempted to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem in 363 not only to prove Jesus a false prophet and thereby destroy Christianity but also to model ethnic worship for pagans. Currently, he is working on the aftermath of Emperor Julian's Jewish gambit in Antioch and how Christianity behan to exercise Jewish elements from Christian orthodoxy in the 380's CE. 

December 18: Siddhu Nadkarni

January 8: Miriam Hershlag

February 19: Ariel Goldberg

March 12: Jenny Baum

April 2: Michelle Cameron

Past Sessions:

Roni Yavin - Did the Baby Cry? Midwifery and Circumcision in the Talmud.

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782