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Kaplan Minyan and Tikkun Olam Themed Shabbatot

The Bnai Keshet Kaplan Minyan is named for Reconstructionist Judaism founder Mordecai Kaplan, who sought to create a Jewish framework for discussions of ethics, culture, history, and current events. They are designed for people who enjoy a communal Shabbat and want to enrich their understanding of Jewish peoplehood in an alternative, less traditional setting.

BK's Tikkun Olam Committee plans and curates a series of Shabbatot about pressing social justice issues. After a spiritual and educational approach to each issue, we take action together as a community following Shabbat. The action could be anything from signing a petition, to calling legislators, to attending a protest (if there happens to be one), or anything in between. Our Shabbatot have included Climate Justice, Reproductive Justice, Disability Awareness & Inclusion, and Refugee Justice. Please contact Jessica Brater to get involved in planning.

Upcoming Sessions

2022-23 Sessions
June 9th - Pride Shabbat

Past Sessions:

Joy Levitt - Toward a more permeable Judaism:  The case for conversion and radical welcome 

Rabbi Dr. David Teutsch - Reconstructing Judaism and Israel: A Personal Reflection on the Past, Present, and Potential Future

World Jewry Shabbat

Racial Justice Shabbat

Sally Gottesman - Getting Proximate: Bringing Jewish Leaders to the West Bank and East Jerusalem

Claire Garland - Indigenous Culture and Land Rights

Michelle Cameron - The Uneasy Balance - A Fiction Writer's Take on Assimilation vs. Maintaining Jewish Tradition

Jenny Baum - Just City, Growing up on the Upper West Side when Housing Was a Human Right

Ariel Goldberg - Just Captions: Ariel Goldberg Shares Research and Writing from book in progress on Trans and Queer Image Cultures

Miriam Herschlag - A Montclairite in Jerusalem: Fieldnotes from my inspiring, infuriating, flawed, beautiful home.

Siddhu Nadkarni - Identity: What is your true identity from a Kabbalistic and Vedantic perspective?

Ari Finkelstein - Separating Christians from Jews in Late Antique Syria: the Christianization of the Roman Empire in the 380s and its Impact on Jews and Judiasm

Roni Yavin - Did the Baby Cry? Midwifery and Circumcision in the Talmud.

Sat, June 10 2023 21 Sivan 5783