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What is Reconstructionism?

Reconstructionist Judaism affirms the exploration of traditional meanings of spirit, thought and community from a contemporary perspective. Bnai Keshet worship services provide opportunities for spirituality, study, discussion, and connection in an informal setting. Services are in Hebrew and in English. Guests are always welcome. If you are a visitor to one of our services please identify yourself to someone so you can be introduced to others! 

Prayer Books 
We use "Kol Haneshamah," Reconstructionist prayerbooks for Erev Shabbat, Shabbat morning, the High Holy Days, and the festivals. The Reconstructionist prayerbooks are gender-neutral and inclusive, combining traditional liturgy with a contemporary outlook, and offering many options for worship, spiritual readings and study. Don't worry if you don't know Hebrew or are a bit rusty. Everyone can join in because our siddur has transliterations for almost everything that's recited aloud or sung.

The Jewish Reconstructionist Movement in association with the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, serves more than 100 congregations and havurot spread across North America. They offer consultation on all key areas of  congregational life, including youth and adult education, leadership development, outreach and community-building initiatives, fundraising, and budgeting as well as musical, liturgical and other resources. A broad selection of books of contemporary Jewish interest are  published by the Reconstructionist Press, including the lively periodical Reconstructionism Today, the six-volume prayerbook series Kol Haneshamah, a Passover Haggadah and CD, educational materials, musical recordings keyed to the liturgy, and related materials.

The number of affiliated congregations and havurot of the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement is increasing at a pace that makes it the fastest growing liberal Jewish movement in North America. People experience Reconstructionist congregations as open, inclusive, and egalitarian, both in principle and in practice. Affiliated communities are autonomous, progressive, and democratic.

RRCReconstructionist Rabbinical College
We welcome you to learn about RRC, the rabbinical school for innovative Jewish leaders. RRC is a unique kind of organization in the contemporary Jewish landscape. They are a progressive rabbinical school­­—where people of all backgrounds engage intensively with Jewish texts, thought and practice.

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