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Adult Bet Midrash

Weekly Adult Classes will be offered 9:00 - 10:00am every Shabbat morning throughout the school year.
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Chanting with Melissa Schaffer
May 1st / June 5th

When we join together as individuals in community to chant sacred phrases from our Jewish liturgy, we come to support each other in accessing our ancient selves and selves to be, in achieving old and creating new dreams, in examining and helping our sorrows and celebrating our joys. In chanting together we find inspiration and intention for the day, the week, the month and are greatly awakened by the discovery of our own voice and the voices surrounding us.

This might sound challenging's rather simple. You come, you learn a Hebrew or English phrase, you repeat it. The chants become more comfortable as we practice them; they become a form of meditation. We feel more connected to the pathways of the Torah, to each other, to ourselves.

Come as yourself, try something new (and ancient), then come again. We await you with open hearts.

Melissa Schaffer leads Hebrew chant based on Jewish sacred texts for transformative spiritual growth. Melissa has been studying with Rabbi Shefa Gold since 2008 and completed an 18 month chant leadership course in 2010.

4th Shabbat of the month January - May
with Rabbi Ariann:
Gender, Sexuality, and Reproduction in Jewish Thought

What does it mean to be a man, a woman, or maybe something else in Judaism? What kinds of intimate relationships has Judaism prized, hidden, or tried to forbid? And what does Judaism really say about being "fruitful and multiplying," or sometimes choosing to not multiply quite so much? We'll dip into all of these issues through the lens of biblical, rabbinic, and contemporary Jewish thought and a feminist and egalitarian lens.

Talmud Class

Come dip your feet into the Talmud, the 2000-year-old discussion of Jewish Law that is studied daily in Yeshivos around the world.

This year, our group is learning Bava Metzia, the laws of property.

No prior Talmudic experience needed. We can help you jump right into the 2000-year-old conversation.

Annual Classes

Lunch & Learn

Class meets on the third Wednesday of each month with Rabbi Ariann from noon - 1:30pm.
Subversive Sequels: This year, we will study "subversive sequels" in Tanakh - stories that are retold with important twists to make theological, historical, or sociological points. We will use Judy Klitsner's book Subversive Sequels in the Bible as a jumping-off point as well as add additional stories. Please feel free to come to one class, some, or all, no previous knowledge is necessary.

Intro to Judaism 

If you would like to begin, or continue, building your knowledge about Jewish culture, traditions and rituals, join us for a wide-ranging, laid-back course that aims to get you comfortable participating in home and BK ritual events as well as general Jewish knowledge. We will meet every other week for about 90 minutes and will follow the school calendar. The precise time will be based on the consensus of the group, either on Shabbat morning or one mid-week evening. Topics include: Jewish history, synagogue and home rituals, halacha and life cycle and will be informed by the group’s level and what participants most want to study. In previous years we have also built community by practicing some of what we learn together in each others' homes sharing a Shabbat meal, a havdalah and other celebrations together. We will decide by consensus to meet in person on via Zoom or hybrid.  Prospective start date is sometime in October or November, depending on interest. Membership is not required. Contact the Martin Slon or the BK office if you are interested: 973.746.4889

Women's Rosh Hodesh Group

The Rosh Hodesh group at Bnai Keshet is an open, warm, social and friendly group for all women in the community. The group meets in the evening closest to the new moon to celebrate the coming month, exploring the spirituality of the month by discussing the upcoming holidays and the theme of the month. Together the group chants, sits quietly, sometimes engages in some easy stretching or even dancing and then an exercise centered on the theme of the month, leaving the participants with words, thoughts, and intentions for the month to come.
Contact Mindy Rosenthal for more info.

Please click here to see our calendar for weekly class schedule.

Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782