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973.731.3822 or Email Carole Schlitt

We will make time to take in great exhibits and see art in and around the Metropolitan area.  Whether it is an opening at MANA Contemporary in Jersey City or a trip to the MET in New York City, the mission of this group is to share the joy of experiencing art together with friends -- new and old -- and to motivate each other not to miss another opportunity to see great exhibits.  

So if you missed the Whitney Biennial again this year, or the great shows at MOMA and the MET last year, this is your group!



Email Laura Wald to find out what we're reading now and when we're meeting next

BKBC (Bnai Keshet Book Club) is a social group for the intellectually and culturally curious who love the art of words on the page. We will endeavor to explore people, places and experiences beyond our own personal worlds and, in doing so, increase empathy, support diverse authors, and expand our understanding of humanity through inclusive literature.


917-612-9673 or Email Jenny Solomon

We'll meet at the bar right outside of the dance club upstairs. Admission is free. There is a suggested one drink minimum.


PARENTS OF CHALLENGING KIDS: Sunday, March 11 at 7:30pm


Email Melody Kimmel

No parenting journey is easy, but some kids bring extra bumps in the road. If your middle school, HS or older kid was adopted or has mental illness behavioral issues or other challenges that at times makes you feel overwhelmed, we hope you’ll join us. I envision that we will gather quarterly to offer support and ideas and share resources in confidence.Topics may include siblings, social isolation, finding the line between engagement and helicoptering and helping to launch your child. The group will determine together at day to meet, frequency and discussion topics.  




NEEDLEWORK / CRAFTING: Tuesdays evenings at 7:00pm
No class Feb 28; we're attending the cooking class.


Email Mia Schober King


To build a Jewish community in which those who are interested in the needlework arts can learn from and create positive relationships with one another. Additional related areas of crafting may be introduced.





Email Faye Lederman or call 917.930.2762


Do you have a personal health goal, large or small, on your agenda but have yet to get started on it? Have you already started along a new path but wonder how to make your meaningful changes really stick? (Ex. improving your nutrition; starting a meditation or yoga practice; incorporating a new approach for an existing health condition; increasing your exercise; juicing; limiting your EMF exposure; visiting an infrared sauna… We aim to be an open-minded group in terms of individual goals!) Join fellow BK members and health-seekers to share resources, wisdom, and that key, magical element for creating sustained change in one’s life — peer support. At our first meeting we’ll discuss how to best organize our group in terms of content, approach, meeting frequency.



Email Matt Sitkoff 
Email Michael Solomon 

MISSION: To create more court time and fun for BK members and others in the community with an eye on fairness, education and friendly competition.    






Email Betsy Tessler


Because of the snow and what are surely slippery and hazardous hiking conditions, we are postponing the first hike by a week, to Sunday, March 18. That said, we will reevaluate next week, as the forecast says "chance of snow" through Tuesday.

If we are not on for March 18, we will push out till April, as the following Sunday, March 24, is the "March for Our Lives" for gun violence prevention legislation. If we don't hike, you can at least march on the 24th! For more information about the march, go here:

And go directly here to find other events outside of DC:

I will be in touch again next week to confirm or postpone again.

Grab your hiking boots or any sturdy pair of shoes and head on out to the great outdoors with members and friends of the BK community. Hiking is good for the body and soul, especially during these (pick your adjective) times when many of us are glued to our news feeds or TVs. Take a break from the news, technology, and your daily stresses, and come with us to explore some beautiful spots in New Jersey and beyond. The group will decide the frequency, challenge level, whether we will have concurrent hikes of different lengths/levels or just one each time, etc. 


In the long run, we hope there will be more of these groups and if you are interested in forming and leading a new one, please email for next steps. 

Mon, March 19 2018 3 Nisan 5778