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Build relationships with BK members who share your interests! See below for a list of our current groups, and email Farrell if you would like to create a new group.


973.731.3822 or Email Carole Schlitt Art for Art's Sake is currently a closed online group.

Mission Statement

We will create opportunities for members of our community to make more room for art in their lives. With planned trips to the Montclair Art Museum, MANA Contemporary, and the MET, we will explore art galleries, museums, and outdoor sculpture gardens. If you have not yet seen Storm King’s monumental works of art against a background of changing autumn leaves, the view of the Hudson from Wave Hill, or experienced the hidden treasures in the gardens of Grounds for Sculpture, you have not lived. Let’s make 5778 the year we make time for Art and Beauty. Join us and visit great works of art that are all around us.


Email Deb Levy to get on our email list and receive the most up-to-date info.

Mission Statement

We explore diverse and inclusive contemporary Jewish literature and, in doing so, hope to increase our understanding of Jewish identity, history, and our potential to affect the world for good.


For more information, contact Ruth Lowenkron or 917-804-8209.
Do you speak Hebrew?  Are you fluent?  Not so fluent? Somewhere in between? 
Come join us every Shabbat, 12:30 - 2:00pm at BK, and just talk Hebrew! 
You'll love it and we would love to have you!


Email Jennifer Zinman

The BK Cooking Affinity Group gets together to enjoy the art cooking and the company of good people. If you like to cook, want to learn to cook or just like to eat, join us. We will share recipes and pick up new cooking skills.


Email Aviva Schein

Silent Disco - June 26th from 7:00 - 10:00pm
Glenfield Park in Montclair $20


We began last November, proceeded through June, then took the summer off. I think everyone who participated had a great time. And I think we all agree that Elyse Litt, our instructor, is fabulous.

To get us started, the area synagogues (principally Bnai Keshet) agreed to provide some financial support. This was hugely appreciated but was always viewed as a temporary thing. In order to continue, the program needs to be self-supporting. So I am writing to set forth a new financial model:

Each session costs $210 ($150 for Elyse + $30 to the teens who set up the dance floor + $30 to the teens who take it down). At $10 per person, we need 21 participants to break even.

Rather than take a chance on this week by week, which no longer seems responsible as it requires someone to fill the gap whenever we fall short, I’m going to collect in advance for an entire season.

If we meet from November through June, that’s 8 months. At two sessions per month, that’s 16 sessions. So it’s $150 per person for the year. (As in the initial year, the sessions would be the first and third Sunday evenings of the month, with occasional adjustments for Jewish holidays or three-day American holiday weekends.)

Please email Phoebe if you’re willing to pay $150 for 15 sessions. (We’ll stay on the first and third Sunday evenings, as this seemed to work well enough.) As soon as 21 people do this I’ll collect the money and we’ll get started.

If by the time we reach 21 there would not be time for 15 sessions, I’ll just collect less per person ($10 per session from whenever we start through June). We will still accept walk-in participants at $10 per session.


Barry Ehrlich and Barbara Blumenthal

You can text/call us at 914.471.3898.

Do you love a good movie? Even better, do you like to watch it while chomping on good munchies? Even better, do you like chatting about it with friends afterward? So do we! Join us for a monthly film club where we’ll watch a variety of interesting and provocative movies selected by the group. Meetings will take place at members’ homes. We’ll all bring some snacks to share and follow-up the movie with questions, reactions brilliant insights.


Email Jessica Gidal or Jessica de Koninck
Any BK-nik who feels 2% better after reading poetry aloud (or hearing it read aloud) should join us. Bring a poem to share (á la BK Poetry Slam), or just tune in to listen, discuss, and let us know what might interest you. Details about the Zoom meeting, poetry resources, etc. can be found here. Feel free to post your poem ahead of time in the document.


Email Ruth Spodak to get involved.

The Renaissance Group is to provide an opportunity for members (60+ years old) to form new and vibrant relationships (or revive former ones) at Bnai Keshet.  Monthly Shabbat Dinners provide a welcome setting for us to mix and mingle in a warm informal setting.  Upcoming meetings will explore other activities and venues for increased engagement.

Social Singles

Email C. Lynn Carr

Let's chat over coffee, see a Jewish-themed film, walk in nature, go on an outing to the beach or museum, throw hatchets, sit around a fire pit -- or, what would you like to do together? We're a group for Bnai Keshet and other area singles to do social stuff, sometimes with Jewish themes. Not specifically a dating space, our events are open to self-identified singles of all ages, gender and sexual identifications, races, and Jewish backgrounds, though some of our events may be more geared to adults than teens. We hope to create an ongoing space for fun, friendship connections, and a home-within-the-home for our larger community.


Email Matt Sitkoff
Email Michael Solomon

Will start up in the spring.

Please fill out this short form and join the fun.


Email Betsy, Tessler
The hiking group will start up in the spring again.

Mission: Grab your hiking boots or any sturdy pair of shoes and head on out to the great outdoors with members and friends of the BK community. Hiking is good for the body and soul, especially during these (pick your adjective) times when many of us are glued to our news feeds or TVs. Take a break from the news, technology, and your daily stresses, and come with us to explore some beautiful spots in New Jersey and beyond. We have been averaging one hike per month on a Sunday and are doing our best to vary the challenge level and length of the hikes. All hikes are within one hour’s drive of Bnai Keshet and are usually more like half an hour’s drive. Please look for our Facebook group and ask to join (you can search “Take a Hike!”), and then post your favorite hike (if you have one), as we are always looking to expand our repertoire. If you’re not on Facebook, contact Betsy and ask to be added to the email list. Look forward to hiking with you!

Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781