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Dayenu Composting Pilot

The BK Dayenu climate action group is seeking 12 BK households to launch a composting pilot at BK. 

Reducing our waste - especially plastic and food - is one way we can live our commitment to healing the earth. Since our garbage is burned at an incinerator in Newark, reducing our waste also helps with local air pollution. BK members Izzy Schwartz and Malka Bogorad-Weitzman conducted a waste audit and found that, if we start composting, BK can reduce its garbage by 50%. Want to help?

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if you are interested in joining or want to help with the pilot. 

We have partnered with Java Compost for a three month commercial composting pilot. Participating households will receive a five-gallon collection bucket, a three month supply of liner bags, and instructions from Java on the wide range of items that can be composted. The cost per household for this pilot is $75. Households will collect compost at home and bring it to a secure drop-off bin at BK. This pilot will also allow BK to compost its own waste on-site. 

Java’s commercial recycling operation allows for a wider range of compostable materials than can be processed in a home composting system. Dairy products, meat, meat and fish bones, and compostable plastic and paper food containers, dinner ware, napkins and paper towels are all compostable in this program; all of which cannot be composted in home compost solutions. Not only can you compost more with this program, it is also cost-effective. (Java residential pickup costs more at $52 every 4 weeks for weekly pickup for $32 every 4 weeks for biweekly pickup.)

Composting is one small, easy-to-do contribution we can make as a community to repair the world. If the pilot is successful, we will expand and continue the program with an on-going cost of $20/month/family.

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