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Annual Chametz Burn at BK, Wednesday, April 5th, 5:45pm

Annual Chametz Burn
Wednesday, April 5th, 5:45pm

Join us for our annual chametz burn!  Participate in the tradition of searching for and burning chametz (food that is not kosher for Passover) with our Bet Midrash students.  Children who are not regularly in Bet Midrash on Wednesdays are invited to join us with a parent starting at 5:30pm for a grand search of both buildings, then we will burn chametz at 5:45pm in the parking lot.  (Please plan to park on the street.)


Come learn about this special tradition and leave with information to search and burn chametz at home.   


Come or send your child in with one piece of chametz to burn (bread, pasta, cereal, etc.).  Let's see what burns the best!

Thu, May 24 2018 10 Sivan 5778