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BK - What's coming up?

03/13/2017 10:10:45 PM


What's happening at BK

Stay safe & warm

We hope that everyone stays safe and warm over the next couple of days. As usual, BK is closed on Tuesday.  The office will reopen at some point on Wednesday, when conditions allow. Please email me if you should need to reach us before then

What white people can do about racism

Sunday, Mar 26th 9:00a to 4:00p
Jeff Hitchcock, co-founder of the Center for the Study of White American Culture on “What White People Can Do About Racism” How can we act against racism from a position of unearned (and unwanted) racial privilege?
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Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, March 14 (Adar 16)
BK Office Closed

Wednesday, March 15 (Adar 17)
4:15p Bet Midrash (3rd to 5th Grades)
8:00p Adult Bet Midrash: Parshat Hashavua/Weekly Portion

Thursday, March 16 (Adar 18)
8:00p Board Meeting

Erev Shabbat, March 17 (Adar 19)
7:30a Morning Minyan

Shabbat, March 18: Parshat Parah, Ki Tisa (Adar 20)
9:00a Pre-K Workshops: "Feasts of Freedom"

Welcome Passover by learning our people's story of freedom, play with jumping frogs, and get ready to teach your family a thing or two at the seder

9:00a Bet Midrash
9:00a Reconstructionism: Constantly Evolving
Join us for a crash course on Reconstructionism - perfect for the beginner, the founding member, and everyone in between.
What does it mean that Judaism is "of" the Jewish people?
How is Reconstructionist thought continuous with or a break from Jewish tradition?
What does it mean to pray as a Reconstructionist?
How do Reconstructionists understand Torah?
What does it mean for God to be "non-supernatural"?

10:00a Shacharit
10:00a Millie Zasloff-Thomas Bat Mitzvah
10:15a Tot Shabbat
4:00p Jewish Meditation Center

Monday, March 20 (Adar 22)
5:30p Bet Midrash (6th to 7th Grade)
6:00p MESH

Tuesday, March 21 (Adar 23)
BK Office Closed

Wednesday, March 22 (Adar 24)
1:00p Lunch & Learn
4:15p Bet Midrash (3rd to 5th Grades)
7:30p Bet Midrash Reimagining  Information Session

Erev Shabbat, March 24 (Adar 26)
7:30a Morning Minyan
5:30p Kinder Keshet - Sign up Now!

Shabbat, March 25: Parshat HaChodesh, Vayakhel-Pekudei (Adar 27)
9:00a  Pre-K Workshops: "Feasts of Freedom"
9:00a Talmud for the Passionate Soul w/ Rabbi Elliott
9:00a Bet Midrash
10:00a Shacharit
10:00a Samuel Myerowitz
10:15a Tot Shabbat
12:30p Conversational Hebrew
4:00p Jewish Meditation Center

Sunday, March 26 (Adar 28)
9:00a What White People Can Do About Racism

Coming up soon ....

Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, Scholar in Residence: Jews and Israel: People, Power and Purpose

Join us for all or part of what will be a provocative program, April 7th to 8th. Click for more info and to sign up for dinner before Kabbalat Shabbat services on April 7th.

Community Seder at BK


Spend your 2nd Seder, on Tuesday, April 11th at BK. 

Enjoy a traditional Seder meal which will include gefilte fish (with horseradish, of course), Matzoh Ball Soup, Roast Chicken, Brisket, a vegetarian option, side dishes, and tasty Passover desserts. $45/person, Max $125/Family.  Sign up now.

Volunteer w/ BK - Habitat for Humanity


Reserve Thursday, April 13th of Passover week to volunteer with BK family and friends. Questions/RSVP Marian Golan.

Casablanca Casino Night


Save the Date - April 29th
Tickets on sale NOW! Buy early and receive bonus chips!

Tickets: $65 until April 15th, $75 April 16th and after


Have an auction or raffle item to contribute? Please click here.

yom huledet sameach

3/14   Tuesday   Lyla Wotring (17)
3/14   Tuesday   Sharon Freedman
3/15   Wednesday   Rena Weichenberg
3/16   Thursday   Jalen Lesly (19)
3/16   Thursday   Amy Lindemann
3/16   Thursday   Avery Ella Rudall-Stulberg (13)
3/17   Friday   Olivia Goldstein (8)
3/17   Friday   Samara Fogel
3/17   Friday   Asher Myles Levy (13)
3/17   Friday   Jaden Ruderman (13)
3/17   Friday   Elijah Ruderman (13)
3/17   Friday   Lucas Abbott
3/18   Saturday   Abigail Cohen (17)
3/18   Saturday   Rose Cohen (17)
3/19   Sunday   Richard Polton
3/19   Sunday   Emily Ratliff
3/20   Monday   Danielle Lerner
3/20   Monday   Anya Cantor (8)
3/20   Monday   Samara Lillian Zinman (19)
3/21   Tuesday   Emma Wotring (19)
3/21   Tuesday   Angel Pollack
3/21   Tuesday   Katie O'Brien-Smith
3/21   Tuesday   Stuart Brown
3/21   Tuesday   Ally Schwartzberg (14)
Thu, April 19 2018 4 Iyar 5778