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Lilith Salon

Sunday, September 29, 2013 25 Tishrei 5774

7:00 PM - 9:00 PMApartment of Lauren & Peter Meyer 12 S Mountain Ave Apt 28 Montclair NJ 07042

A note from Lauren about parking for this Lilith Salon.

Readings for this session:

  • Ironing by Sarah Seltzer
  • Jewsies, Jewosity & Identity

    by Zazi Pope

    From Vienna to Appalachia, why did her forebears keep secrets and make such strange choices? The remarkably suppressed identity of her concert-star grandmother, and how Zazi Pope found it out.


This will indeed be a very special LILITH SALON. Our selections to read and discuss will also be special. This will be the first time that we are reading a story – the 2013 fiction prize winner “Ironing” (hair that is!) by Sara Seltzer and a memoir, called “Jewsies, Jewosity & Identity” by Zazie Pope, about discovering one’s Jewish roots. Please read the articles then think about the questions below and be prepared for a fascinating discussion. Bring a dairy or parve nosh to share.


What touched you about this story?

When did you become conscious of your body image? What were your feelings at the time?

Was there a body part/s that you disliked?  Was it a body part associated with being Jewish?

If you are a Jew by choice, does it matter to you if you physically “look Jewish” or not?

Are you at peace with your body now? Why or why not? 

If you have a daughter, what have you or will you want to convey about body image?


How did you feel about someone who kept her Jewish identity a secret? 

Interestingly, the author’s college friends seem to    feel that she looked and acted Jewish.  What does “looking and acting Jewish” mean? Why do you think she did not consider that she might be Jewish?

Are you always upfront about being Jewish?  Have you ever denied or simply did not present yourself as Jewish?  Explain the circumstances.  Have you ever been very “in your face” about being Jewish? 

On a scale of 1-5, (one being not very important and five being very important) how important is your own Jewish identity? Elaborate.

How was this memoir connected to the first story?

What touched you about this memoir? 





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