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Dues and Tuition Form

For Membership Renewal:

If everything on the statement sent to you is correct, you can log into your account and arrange payment at

If changes are needed, you can request them on this form. If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to call Farrell at 973-746-4889.

Fair Share Dues Explanation

We try to spread the cost of operating Bnai Keshet equitably among our members through our Fair Share Dues Schedule. Below is the following information that explains the Fair Share Dues Schedule and other charges for the 2020-21 fiscal year along with a calculation of your financial commitments.

The Fair Share Dues Schedule and information about tuition and other fees and charges describes the various pieces of financial commitment and the purpose of each. 

Fair Share Dues Schedule
Our Fair Share dues schedule welcomes membership at every income level.  Please use your family’s Adjusted Gross Income to determine “income level.”
Building Fund
This fund is used for capital improvements to our facilities.  Every family contributes to the fund during their first five years of membership.  Young Family Members may choose to postpone contributions to the Building Fund.

Please indicate this year's Building Fund contribution, if applicable.

Kiddush Fund
Each family is asked to contribute $180 annually to the Kiddush Fund. 

Payment Options

There are three options for payment:

  • EFT (electronic fund transfer)
  • Credit card
  • Mail a check

Please note that credit card charges come with a 3% processing fee.


Please click SUBMIT (below) to complete form to send it to the office. Please note that the office will review your form and input the changes manually. Submitting the form does not charge any of your payment options automatically. 


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