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Thoughts on Election Results

11/09/2016 01:13:59 PM


Know that a person must pass over a very, very narrow bridge,

and the fundamental principle is not to make oneself afraid at all.


ודע שאדם צריך לעבור על גשר צר מאד מאד

והכלל והעיקר שלא יתפחד כלל


Nachman of Bratslav



Dear Bnai Keshet,


This morning we woke up with a real sense of fear and heartbreak. Having heard from many of you we know this apprehension was not because a Republican won and Democrat lost. Rather, there is a genuine sense of anxiety that the rhetoric of this election has attacked core American and Jewish values, and specifically the values of our community at Bnai Keshet.

While it is easy to get caught up in our own worries, we should acknowledge that some of us, some of our neighbors, some of our relatives, may have more reason than we do to feel afraid. Immigrants, people of color, Muslims have all been especially singled out during this campaign. There have been promises to roll back LGBT rights and reproductive rights. All of this has happened in an environment that included a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitism and misogyny. Now is a time for us to reach out with love to each other and to those who have reason to feel especially anxious.

Now we have a responsibility to come together. We have an obligation to stand with those who may feel attacked. We have an opportunity to replace the fear of fear with love and support born from our faith that every human being is a reflection of the divine.  

Tonight we invite you to join us in reflection and prayer.

7:00 PM Bnai Keshet

8:00 PM First Congregational Church

We will be gathering first at Bnai Keshet to share and pray as a synagogue and then walking down the street to First Congregational Church for an interfaith prayer service with several other local congregations.

We will both strive to make ourselves available throughout the rest of this week if you need to call and speak with a rabbi. 


With Love,

Rabbi Elliott & Rabbi Ariann


Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784