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Visiting the Greenhouse at Kibbutz Ein Shemer - July 20

07/20/2014 04:01:41 PM


Visiting the Ecological Greenhouse at Kibbutz Ein Shemer
An environmental coexistence/common-existence project. 


The Greenhouse was started by Avital Geva.  His story is shared in Dreamers written by Yossi Klein Halevi (Avital shared with us that he had not in fact yet read this chapter). "At this ecological greenhouse we are working to improve the environment, create energy, educate and do a little tikkun olam." "We have more than 400 Arab and Jewish Israeli kids coming here from the area each week. Much of this education is side by side rather than integrated. But some motivated by parents is integrated. He holds a corn sprout in his hand. He says that with its seed, sprout and root it contains the entire Torah. "We try to teach teamwork rather than money or ego without saying it explicitly."

Esra, an Arab-Israeli, 23 year old law student who works here shares with us some complexities of the 20% of Israeli citizens, 1.5 million people  who are Arab/Palestinian. "We feel outside of, and still part of, Jewish Israeli culture and broader Palestinian culture."She is part of a group encouraging Israeli Arabs to serve in Sherut Leumi - Civil Service.  This option allows them to serve Israeli society without violating the taboo of serving in the army. It gives them benefits and status typically reserved only for those who serve in the army. She describes it as an important part of the civil rights movement of Arab Israelis. 


The sign in Hebrew is a play on words based on an Arik Einstein song. It says, "algae and I will change the world". 


The Greenhouse will be exhibiting at the NY JCC this autumn. 


Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784