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Last Challenge Lab! Go Study! Oh and take a nap.

05/21/2015 11:26:31 AM


Last Shabbat Challenge
Go Study! Oh, and take a nap

Out tradition teaches that the mitzvah of studying Torah leads to all other mitzvot. Yes Shabbat is supposed to be relaxing and yes it is supposed to be fun. It is also supposed to give us space to learn. It is a chance to deepen our understanding of the Jewish traditions out of which Shabbat emerged. It is meant to be an opportunity to contemplate our relationship to community, to holiness and to our souls. Some would call this spirituality or the quest for holiness.


Learning “Torah” on Shabbat need not be limited to Jewish sources. I have heard stories that Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan the founder of Reconstructionism used to read sociologist John Dewey on Shabbat. The point is to make time for learning that brings you out of your normal sphere and has the potential to expand your heart, mind and soul.


What “Torah” do you want to learn? How might you be able to find time for it this Shabbat? Think about the ways some of our previous challenges, like refraining from using electronics, might make space for a different kind of learning.


This Shabbat experiment with adding a little study to your day. 
(Oh and since I haven’t had a chance to say it, take a nap.)

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