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Fall 2017


From Barry Berg in memory of David Berg

From Merelyn Dolins in memory of Phillip Trupin

From Freda Attinson in memory of Seymour Moncarz

From Eve Friedlander in memory of Jeffrey Friedlander

From Laura Gelman to Robin Miller and Ethan Wiener: In Honor Of Adelaide's Bat MItzvah!

From Laura Gelman to Craig Levine and Phoebe Farber: In Honor Of Caleb's Bar MItzvah!

From Eric Sherzer  in memory of Sonia Scherzer

From Eric Sherzer  in memory of David Scherzer



From Rhea Stadtmauer and Janice Maiman in memory of Sylvia Maiman

From Nancy and Larry Star in memory of Sid Gross

From Laura Gelman in honor of Sam Tepperman becoming a Bar Mitzvah!

Fri, September 20 2019 20 Elul 5779