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Winter 2020-21

From Jane and Harvey Susswein IHO of Jessica Brater for all the magnificent work you are doing for immigrant rights during Covid.

From Leah Barhash IHO of Rabbi Ariann

From Phyllis & Andrew Levy IMO Martin Golan's mother

From Jessica de Koninck to Elliana and Ariel Goldberg IMO Ira Goldberg

From Naomi and Steve Kreutzer IHO Rabbi Elliott for a meaningful shiva minyan for Trudy Kreutzer

From Naomi and Steve Kreutzer IHO of Farrell Borine for taking good care of them during their time of mourning and organizing Trudy Kreutzer's shiva minyan 

From Marge Wise IHO Ellen Kolba

From Helene Swimer IMO Anita Rotman

From Melissa Schaffer & Don Rifkin IMO Anita Rotman

From Katherine McCaffrey & Howard Fischer IMO Timothy McCaffrey

From Lauren & Charles Rosen IMO Irving Rosen

From Robin Ratliff

From Bonnie Fogel IMO Sydney Abrahams

From Dinah Hendon IHO all our Shabbat Services Participants

From Phyllis and Andrew Levy to the Golan's IMO Martin’s mom, Reba Goldstein

From Jane Susswein IHO Gabrielle Glaser for being on page one of the Book Review!! "Yasher Koach. So proud to know you:-)." 

From Marian & Martin Golan IMO Sydney R. Goldstein

From Phoebe Farber & Craig Levine IHO Peter Herbst leading the Tu b'Shvat Seder

From Susan & Jay Opperman IMO Jack Bernstein

From Meryl & Neil Hillsberg IMO Stuart Levin

From Cynthia Gollin Kramer IMO Monte Gollin

From Judith Mermelstein and Sandra Mermelstein IMO Anita Rotman

From Jessica deKoninck IMO Flory Jagoda

From Susan Green & Donald Spector IMO Flory Jagoda

From Amy Josephson & Sheldon Kugelmass IMO Flory Jagoda

From Amy Josephson & Sheldon Kugelmass IHO Gabrielle Glaser on the release of her new book, “American Baby”

From Jane Susswein IHO of Jessica Brater for all the magnificent work she is doing for immigrant rights during Covid

From Gloria & John Dove to Jane & Harvey Susswein IHO their 50th wedding anniversary

From Norma & Richard Saks to Jane & Harvey Susswein IHO their 50th wedding anniversary

Thu, August 5 2021 27 Av 5781