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Summer 2021

From Ruth Lowenkron IMO Cecilia Urban

From Melissa Schaffer IMO Phyllis Shatz

From Melissa Schaffer IHO the Mattenson/Kinsella Family on the Bnai Mitzvah of their kids

From Nancy & Larry Star IHO Rabbi Elliott Tepperman

From Jessica Greene IHO Rabbi Ariann Weitzman 

From Carol Rotman IMO Anita Rotman

From Noemi & Paul Giszpenc IHO Rabbi Ariann Weitzman 

From Laura & Andrew Gelman IMO Phyllis Shatz

From Paul Shatz IHO Luis Schuchinski for leading services for his mother

From Amy Josephson & Sheldon Kugelmass IMO Phyllis Shatz

From Mary Cullen & Larry Drill IMO Phyllis Shatz

From Ellen and Andrew Stein IHO : Rabbi, Ariann, Rabbi Elliott, Farrell Borine, Kristina Garcia, Marilyn Okoshi, Dinah Hendon, Jesse Baden Campbell, and Noemi Giszpenc

From Melissa Schaffer with love, IMO Mervin Silverberg

From Martin & Marian Golan IMO Mitchell Mansour

From Eve Friedlander IMO Jeffrey Friedlander

From Barbara Reisman IHO Jane and Harvey Susswein's  grandson, Ben's, Bar Mitzvah

Thu, February 22 2024 13 Adar I 5784